MEN is a health center for men and boys

MEN is…

... a health center for  men ...
... for  men of all ages, for working, jobless and retired men, for women-and-men loving men, for native and migrant men.
Health does not  only mean the abscence of illness , but also includes the ability to develop emotional and social strengths and intellectual potentials.

MEN offers…

Personal counselling, advance seminars, workhops for boys/young men, groups/group seminars and incentively projects in  various languages, especially for social disadvantaged men.

At MEN you can get help if you ...

  • want psychological counselling
  • want to prevent life-style risks
  • search psychotherapeutic  and  psychosocial help
  • have questions  about sexuality
  • if you are concerned about fatherhood/your role as a father
  • need counselling in partnership issues
  • want to share and exchange your life experiences with other men
  • want to cope with problems  in  worklife/your job
  • if  you want to get detailed information about men’s health and attend seminars
  • MEN can  offer incentively projects for your corporation